Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Peter's India Pale Ale

Whenever I see these, I have to get at least one since they're not very common. St. Peter's IPA is a good one to try, it's very crisp, super easy to drink since it's not bitter or tart. My feelings on most IPA's is they usually taste good, but it's hard for me to drink the whole thing or drink more than one of them in one sitting because of the gritty aftertaste and the cotton mouth feeling. I would not hesitate to buy a case of these if it were available since they're so easy to drink.

I'd have to categorize this as a really good mild summer beer since there is some sweetness to it. Between this and the English Ale, and even the bad experience with the Cream Stout, I'm pretty set to buy anything St. Peter's to try at least once.

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