Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat

I have never been to Vermont (not a fan of winter sports) or lived there, so there was a slim chance I would have known or heard of this small brewery. I do have a love for discovering brews along the East cost and this beer really surprised me in quality. This beer definitely reminded me a bit of the weight of Blue Point's type of brews and I knew instantly, the light flavoring of blackberry and lager was a winning combination. I am never a fan of heavily flavored things which kind of explains why I dislike things that are too sour, painfully spicy, or so sweet the my gums sting, I look for brews that manage to pull off being flavored but not categorized as a fruit beer. Long Trail has several seasonals and year round beers, and they seem to do a bit of everything from india pale ales, pale ales, and even porters. I do want to try most of them and would look for a sampler soon.

As I write this, the year is really closing in and winding down to the last days of 2010. Every year is important and profound as long as we make commitments to creating great memories for ourselves, loved ones, and communities. It's never easy to look forward without looking back on what could have been done better, more efficiently or handled more maturely, but overall, one the greatest things I have learned over the years is to always try new things, especially food - and beer happens to be a food item!

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