Friday, January 28, 2011

Magic Hat Hex Ourtoberfest

I held on to this post for a bit and an entire season managed to pass before getting around to it. October and November are usually busy months for people in general, those months seem to revolve around preparing for holidays and doing strange things like looking for things on sale that we don't really need but really can't pass up the opportunity to buy at a reduced price. Fortunately, I have managed to buy very little this shopping season in terms of random items, though it was tempting. Since the holidays passed, a handful of larger snowstorms hit the East cost and buried most of everything in snow. It seems as though layers and layers of snow piles on the same half melted or unmelted piles every other week making for ugly monuments and to no surprise, the loss of parking spaces. When it snows around here, it makes for pretty messy commutes and extends the day because public transportation will have some delays. At the end of the day, I feel less motivated to update despite still collecting and trying new brews.

One of the things about Magic Hat is the variety and quality of brews that keeps me buying almost anything with its label on it. This year's Octoberfest brew is no different, it's got a bit of a bitter bite since it's a Fall beer and it's not too heavy. Fall is the time for darker brews, so everything that comes around this time tends to run along those lines of deep amber colors, heavier in alcohol, and a bit of a bitter kick to it. This one is very drinkable, it's lighter on a lot of the other brews in this category but it may be because that is the Magic Hat style.

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