Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sam Adams Light

I cannot believe it is December already. Where did 2010 go? The hardest months are usually the ones where everything is rushed but at the same time there is just is not enough time to fit everything in one day. I could go on in length about the time aspect, being a commuter and dealing with transit delays and working on professional and personal projects that soak up every free block of time. I have to say, I have been pretty good this year with random beer purchases, stuck to my guns and did not buy anything that I knew I would just not like for the sake of trying it. I am, however, still a sucker for seasonal beers that are uninteresting but worth trying. The seasons have officially changed, the news reports snow in some areas, and the temperature has dropped considerably to warrant full winter clothing - all this leads to another seasonal beer run.

I am not a huge fan of Sam Adams brews, nothing against them but they are not local to me like how Brooklyn Lager is the standard local brewery in my eyes. When I first saw this, I knew I had to get some to try them because it is pretty uncommon to find an amber colored beer that isn't heavy or a light beer that doesn't have a ton of carbonation. Sam Adams Light accomplishes being a lighter ale with just enough carbonation for a refreshing beer. This could easily be a good replacement for a burger and fries beer instead of a regular lager.

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