Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sugar Hill Golden Ale

A brewing company from Harlem? That's something I don't think many native New Yorkers even know about. Harlem is really known for its musical and arts culture, some great foods, but not exactly beer. Anything from New York City, I've got to try it once, and since New York City is the place to try everything that really isn't from New York, it's even more of a calling to try something local. The first thing that got me to look at this beer was the art on it and I'm a sucker for beer labels that are either psychedelic or just plain awesome. I like how the saxophone hugs the drum and the keys say Sugar Hill, there's something really thoughtful behind the label.

The real question is: How does a beer from New York with a great looking label taste? It's a heavier ale with a really sweet flavor to it, almost like honey, and there is very little tart or zest to it. There is very little carbonation to this, there is nothing light or lager about this ale, it's really a golden wheat ale. I can safely say this is a beer for the sweet-tooth who is really looking to try something new and different.

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