Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale

When I think of Hawaii, I think of beaches, resorts and Kona coffee, but definitely not beer. It turns out there are a few brewing companies in Hawaii and one of them is named Kona. Seeing this at the store, I had to pick it up and try it. I had to pass on the Kona lager since most lagers are really the same with a few exceptions here and there. I can almost say most lagers aren't distinguishable from each other but when dealing with pale ales, india pale ales, and other variations between the two, there's definitely a noticeable difference.

What I liked about this beer was the golden color and the crisp taste, it did not have any harsh bitter aftertastes or the overuse of citrus and zest. I'm putting this one in the list of great beers I'm glad I was able to try since living in New York meant being able to try almost everything. If I see other varieties of Kona brews, it's very likely I'll pick them up based on this good experience.

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