Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blue Point Winter Ale

Can you believe it's March? I almost can't. The last two months managed to squeak by without leaving too many scars and stains but I've managed to persist in keeping notes on new beers I've stumbled across. I'll try to be better at collecting seasonal brews and post them in a timely manner.

I'm not the Winter ale variety type but whenever a brewery I like does a seasonal beer, I'm usually inclined to try it at least. Blue Point is one of my favorite local brewing companies and I feel as though most of their brews are pretty good, and good enough to warrant a purchase of anything they come out with. This Winter ale is what it is, a Winter ale, a dark beer with a hint of bitterness and a lot of roasted flavor. The bitter part of the beer is not overwhelming but I do classify this beer for having the proper label, it is dark, heavier on alcohol and has a roasted bitter bite. Like all dark beers, I never recommend these types of brews for folks who only usually enjoy just lagers.

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