Sunday, December 27, 2009

Newcastle Brown Ale

Wow, time really does fly. The holidays are over and the presents have been doled out. All that is left is the New Year's and then another year ahead. Last year, I resolved to buy less beer that were not really my taste and stick to the types of beers I like instead of attempting to try it out. So far this year, I have kept that resolution to a greater extent. I have not purchased crazy IPA's just to try knowing that they really are not my favorite type of beer. This coming new year, I'm on the prowl for organic brews and rediscover beers that I thought were just fine, but trying them again years later, I realize they're more than just fine. Like this easily overlooked brown ale:

Although not American, Newcastle Brown Ale is definitely a classic beer without a lot of carbonation, refreshing taste and a caramel hint to it. I really like this beer for its simplicity, there really isn't a lot of favor going on, it is not a heavy beer, but it does a lot of things right in terms of balance. Usually when I read the label, Brown Ale, I have a pretty close idea that it's going to be on the heavy and bitter side. This is untrue for Newcastle, this beer is as light as they come, the only thing dark about this is the color which is attributed to the caramel coloring I think. This is a great entry level type of brew away from lagers without being heavy or intimidating to drink.

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Stress_Bear said...

I tried this recently, it was yum-tacular.