Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kasteel Cru Fine Lager

I've seen these in four packs and they're pricey at more than $12 for only four bottles. I managed to get a single to try since the label explicitly says made with champagne yeast. How fancy. I'm not much for the fancy besides loving some expensive cognac now and then. This beer does smell a bit like champagne and has the taste of champagne mixed with beer, the tartness of it, and the bubbles. I'm not a fan of champagne or white wine since it does a number on my intestines. However, I am a bit impressed with capturing the champagne feel right into a beer for those who enjoy that type of thing. This is something I would probably never buy or drink again, based on personal tastes, but it is a good beer to try, there is not anything else like it I've seen.

When I wrote about summer escaping too quickly, I did not realize it would be this quick as the weather has changed within a week to feel very much like Fall. I'm going to be pillaging some store shelves to find some brews I have not tried.

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