Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saranac Brown Ale

Dark ales are not always good buys for me. Half the time they're too bitter to be enjoyable, or they're bitter and heavy in alcohol at once that after having just one, I'm feeling like I'm done wanting to drink anything but a gallon of water to flush it out of me. I've had a few good dark ales to keep trying them and really give things a chance in hopes they'll be good, or even turn into one of my favorites. Saranac does it well, I would have to say do they it better than Smuttynose with this one. There is some bitterness to it, but really not a lot and although this has a bit more alcohol than the other brews, it's not an obvious difference.

I'm realizing August is sliding its way to a close and I'm feeling like summers are shorter and shorter as years go by. I used to measure parts of the year not by season but by things that should be done before a certain time but everything seems cyclical it is hard to keep track of where time really goes. There's only a few more months left in the year and there are a few little personal milestones and markers to pass, but other than that, I'm really just looking for those Fall brews to hit the shelves.

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