Thursday, February 5, 2009

Butternuts Farmhouse Ale Moo Thunder Stout

I bought a Butternuts variety pack a few weeks back and slowly went through each wacky labeled one. I was a bit surprised a small brewery pushed their product in cans. I'm not biased against beer in cans, but I wouldn't be happy if it arrived in a plastic bottle. I had to try the stout first, partly because I liked the whole happy cow plastered in the front. What does Moo Thunder taste like? I'd have to say it's pretty thin, but in a good way, and I wasn't hit with the sour and bitter at once. Overall, it was a mild one that could have used perhaps a plastic widget to keep the bubbles going. This would probably be great on tap with more carbonation.

Butternuts is from New York, but I'm sure it's possible to find the variety pack in stores along the east coast.

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