Friday, January 2, 2009

Southern Tier India Pale Ale

It may have been a bad idea to sample the beers at once in a sampler pack (tongue twister) but I did not love this beer. It left my mouth pretty dry and the aftertaste was a bit gritty and bitter. Most india pale ales are a hit or a miss for me depending on carbonation, the tart factor, and the aftertaste. So far, I'm going to say I liked Lagunitas India Pale Ale best out of the ones I tried last year.

For this year's spending related resolution, I'm going to resolve to buy more singles and not whole packs of beers I'm not quite sure would be any good.


on-the-rocks said...

Where is Southern Tier brewed?

Amateur said...

Upper New York and I do not think they have distribution centers down south. I've actually never even see it on tap in New York City, either. It's worth trying if you like your beers golden.