Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magic Hat Winter Seasonal Howl

Technically, Winter just ended about two weeks ago and I have kept this in my archive for a few months and wanted to put this up before Summer begins. Whenever I think of Magic Hat, I'm always going to think of lighter beers since this is the first Winter seasonal I have seen. The first thing I noticed was the the label. I thought I saw this combination somewhere once in my life before and I probably had thoughts about that moment of time in my life. This book was once required reading in my high school class:

Back to the beer, Winter seasonal brews are usually darker and higher in alcohol content and this Magic Hat brew fits that description. It's definitely more bitter and heavier than its usual brews like #9. I found it pretty easy to drink and despite being a heavier brew the balance was good with the alcohol content. When these come around again next year, I will pick it up again.

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