Monday, August 29, 2011

Ba M'Ba Lager

This is the last lager for a while, I promise. Lagers are a summer beer to me since they are so refreshing for some of my favorite spicy foods and heavy meals like burgers and fries. It seems as though Asia has no shortage of lagers and they are all pretty much the same. This one is a bit different, though, it has a bit of a sweetness I would attribute to fruit. I'm a big fan of Asian island foods and once a month I will drag myself to the nearest Thai or Vietnamese restaurant I enjoy and eat a full meal including an appetizer. I have never see Ba M'Ba served in the restaurants locally, it's usually Singha, but I would order this if it were on the menu. This is not a light beer, so I would classify it with the same weight as a regular Heineken. Sad to say, Heineken seems to be my default lager when I am uncertain of beer freshness at restaurants and I can measure lagers based on my default.

This summer has been eventful to say the least, a major heatwave, an earthquake felt upwards in the East coast, and a hurricane. I am glad when a season ends because another beer season begins. I look forward to the art of new Fall labels and trying new seasonals.

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