Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saranac India Pale Ale

This India pale ale came in the Saranac variety sampler that I picked up. Keeping with the promise this new year that I wouldn't buy an India pale ale or anything too acidic unless it was super light, I wasn't against trying one if it came in a set. Saranac is consistent with its brews, there seems to be a weight to most of its regular brews, where there is just enough carbonation in each one and no beer feels light but they're not overpowering, either. This India pale ale wasn't acidic nor had the taste of rust in the water, it was mild, almost like a regular pale ale but there were hints of citrus and very hints of bitterness. I thought this was a good one but not the type of beer I would normally buy since I've discovered the American style pale ale. This beer is very much drinkable and was a great addition to the sampler, it really shows that a brewing company can cater to all tastes.

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