Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sierra Nevada 2009 Summerfest Lager

Whenever I think of Sierra Nevada, I'm thinking of ales, but I had to pick this one up after getting a glance at the label. I like this one, not because it comes from a tried and trusted brewery, but it's a light beer without tasting too water thin, and is refreshing to drink. How do they do that? It's probably worked out in its secret formula but there's nothing but balance and good stuff in this one, easy on the carbonation, and mild in flavor for a light summer style beer.

Summer seems to have been hiding for a bit, nothing but gloomy days and rain the last week or so. I don't think Summer is actually Summer until we get weeks of sunshine and become inspired to do things like eat out at outdoor cafes, take those long walks, and enjoy being outdoors hours on end. The foul weather pattern tells me to quickly run indoors to avoid a storm. What kind of summer is that?

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