Saturday, May 23, 2009

Peak Organic Pale Ale

I like pale ales, they're usually lighter ales with a bit of a lager taste to them. What's not to like? I've never tried a Peak brew of any sort before and I was obviously drawn to it because it's labeled as organic. I actually didn't like the taste of this one, it had a bit of a sour aftertaste that I never really liked in any brew. The good is the weight balance of the brew, it wasn't water thin and didn't taste bitter, either. Luckily, I bought a single and didn't have to slowly drink them before they went stale. Since I like to buy up singles of things, I often forget that I've tried them. I managed to pick up a six pack of these for my folks to try and drank another before realizing I already tried this and did not like it. I didn't like it the second time around, either.

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